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g'morning there!

2016-07-11 09:59:00 by CatOfSnow

i miss my home and my dog badly (snnif)

at least i got a computer now


holly crap!

2016-07-02 05:51:22 by CatOfSnow

hotel had a mac!!!

and i'm freak' using it!!!


2016-06-22 02:43:03 by CatOfSnow

tomorrow (jun 23) i'm going back to malaysia for two months.

every year i will go back once

(BTW this time probability will be the last)

maybe i have to leave my NG for a while

(because i don't have a computer at there

by the way malaysia's internet sucks.)

so that's it.

see you after two months~


ignore me, plz.

2016-06-18 09:20:20 by CatOfSnow

good morning!

(but it's night right here.)