well this is new!

2017-01-26 08:41:17 by CatOfSnow

now as you know I'm going to "work" every single day right now.

yeah, since I got my new Wacom, my art quality caught a HUGE boost!!!

and I've finished so many drawings during my work time (yeah I'm not working cuz I don't fucking feel like it)

so... here it is lol

uploading these bad boys in a while >:)


and BTW going to take a little trip (packing tomorrow friend) in Chinese new year so will probably disappear in next few days.

well, that's it!

enjoy friend :)


quick p.s:

for some settings problem and more reasons, manatale was stopped a little while

sorry about that (but it's still going, don't worry)


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2017-01-26 08:54:45

Happy incoming "Chiniese New Year"!
Have a nice trip

CatOfSnow responds:

oh well you're really quick XD
thanks m8 :)))


2017-01-26 09:19:33

Have fun and zhu ni xing nian kuai le,wang shi ru yi!

That means Happy Chinese New Year and may your dreams come true,to anyone who wants to know!

CatOfSnow responds:

Yep you got this >:3
And thanks ^^


2017-02-01 14:06:57


CatOfSnow responds:



2017-02-11 14:30:18

Real work? Artwork? ;) Sounds like good news cept for the manatale problems.

Happy Belated Chinese New Year!

CatOfSnow responds:

Wow thanks XD
Yeah no crap it's real ;)


2017-02-20 15:03:07

I like your catofsnow icon picture. It suits you well.

CatOfSnow responds:

Lol i just draw that randomlly a long long time ago
And thanks, i also think it's cute lol


2017-03-24 14:41:48

"89 Fans"
You've come a long way... i'm proud of you ;_;
Happy Chinese new year btw :)

CatOfSnow responds:

XDDD thanks (sorry for being so late on responsing :P