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CatOfSnow's News

Posted by CatOfSnow - January 6th, 2020

n't look into previous dumb posts. Peace

Posted by CatOfSnow - May 20th, 2019

Finished said hell in last post, might consider posting lately lol

But Dobby's socks is gonna get taken away by the same sencario again in about two years or so (heck, maybe even sooner :v) so it's gotta be all over again.

But yeah Dobby is FREEEEEEE... For now. :D


Posted by CatOfSnow - July 1st, 2018

Suprise! "CatOfSnow posted a new post" LOL

This is gonna be long guys. ;)

I know it's been a *huge* while. Things are getting out of hands lately.
I'll be back for two weeks before another long period of disconnection starts.
I miss you guys so much Q-Q

sorry to anyone who tried to contact me in the time span-especially @KatolSteele and @asd120999 .
Kato always spammed me on FB to check if I'm ok and my other friend, asd, remembered and wished me happy birthday in 2017.

and I couldn't even get back to all of you guys. I am so sorry.

If some of you might have slightly noticed: I've changed a lot. Myself, my art style, almost everything. A lot of things had happened to me during the time span and, how to state, the old me had died, and I've possibly had another piece of my life figured out.

Ditched fake peoples, got best friends, started new life, possibly most of. Hope you guys don't have the same experience with me ^^

I will try to draw and post as much as possible, I've improved my English and art style to another higher level, and TBH, now I'm trying to learn Blender and Flash so I can achieve my dreams as soon as possible.

I am planning to advance my animation skills once this going-to-be-horrible year ended. I'm sure I will get you guys' support when that happens. You guys are amazing and super talented.

I will be uploading some of the things I drew recently and deleting old posts and arts I cannot stand any longer. They're horrible xD

Thanks to the 101 followers and 72 friends that never left me. I love you guys so much. Thanks for all the support and help. I really missed you guys when I'm gone.

My following days will still be somewhat tough for a little more longer. But I will survive that. And I hope all my friends will also get through anything that is standing in your way of life! :D

Thank you, and stay awesome :3


Posted by CatOfSnow - January 26th, 2017

now as you know I'm going to "work" every single day right now.

yeah, since I got my new Wacom, my art quality caught a HUGE boost!!!

and I've finished so many drawings during my work time (yeah I'm not working cuz I don't fucking feel like it)

so... here it is lol

uploading these bad boys in a while >:)


and BTW going to take a little trip (packing tomorrow friend) in Chinese new year so will probably disappear in next few days.

well, that's it!

enjoy friend :)


quick p.s:

for some settings problem and more reasons, manatale was stopped a little while

sorry about that (but it's still going, don't worry)

Posted by CatOfSnow - January 24th, 2017

yeah so the vacation started but I still literally have to go to the school every day for that stupid animation project ( @asd12099 you know that.)

umm so yeah every day in this fucking vacation I'll go downtown for some events or else I'll be in school and draw to the death.


k so see you later guys i need some sleep.

Posted by CatOfSnow - November 26th, 2016

I'm still alive www

help me out guys, answer this for me:

how many of you get a Wacom drawing tablet?

I'm gonna ask this for some reason...


I got tons of important exams recently,

and I've got invited to a big school animation project :3

congrats for me :)))

but that also means I won't be able to come often 0-0

so yeah, despite all these shit I'm gonna keep try it work on my comic and arts

so, stay tuned and remember I'm not lazy or dead (lol)


okay now answer the question.



9/5 of you got one.

*heartbroken sound XDDD*

Posted by CatOfSnow - October 21st, 2016





i've get rid of school exams now ((kind of...?)) ,and these time i actually got SOOOOO MANY tranditional arts,

i've even filled 2 drawing books XD

(yeah right i've still got school progects to done but SCREW DIS I DUN FUKING CARE ANY MORE)

so,i was wondering how can i show you these TONS of drawings?


let's play a game,shall we?

how to play

hey,i'll give you a lot pair of numbers,

each number goes page and books,

so read the rules now XD


1.no repeat numbers

2.no numbers that don't even exists

3.you can ask how many times how may numbers you want :)

4.some of them might not alowed cuz some personal resons,

so if your numbers can't show don't EVER F**KING AGURE plz? :)


4.i'll edit the post to get the showed numbers and arts up here.

5.bla bla bla have fun or like somethin' else similar y'know


some of them you get sucks,some of them are great neat or even colored!

so it's only about chances...

and if you're close enough to the colored ones,i'll give you some hints XD

ler's see who's lucky XD*


5-001~5-112 (finished book)

6-001~6-112 (finshed book)

7-001~7-112 (finished book)

8-001~8-100 (finished,but this one is small and lots of them are useless,so make a bet :D)

9-001~9-032 (unfinished,but LOTS of neat things,makes nice bet)


for example:

you commented ' 7-001 '

and i'll give you pitcure like this:


'just a random doodle.'

and i'll introduce this art to you guys :)

sounds fun?

let's go!


manatale comic might be delayed in few weeks,sorry about that :(

and happy halloween XD




occupied numbers: 7-010 7-011 7-013 7-077 7-112 8-001

jackpot: nobody >:)


book 7

7-010 @NekoMika


luck:kinda bad (near)

just a stupid doodle,really XD


7-011 @NekoMika


luck:normal (near)

another stickie doodle XDD


7-013 @NekoMika


luck:normal (god damn near)

just a random stick inspired by ink!sans :3

hey mika you really love doodles don't you XD


7-077 @ninjamuffin99



a neat drawing's...

oppesite? 0w0


7-112 @LuckyLightTitan


luck:great (far)

soooo many me.

so i draw it all out and stack them.


8-001 @demon1000


luck:sucks :P (far enough XD)

just notes pfffft bad luck m8 :P


hey so far there's no jackpot now!

keep up guys >:)


and,gimme some love in my tumblr plz...

i'm so lonely there ;^;

Posted by CatOfSnow - September 27th, 2016

i'm playing with my undertale shimeji now XDD


now there's a lot of sanses and blookies crawing on newgroundsXDD







(no flowey get down from my mouse---------)

it's a great day!


Posted by CatOfSnow - September 24th, 2016


hi i'm back!


i'm buzy with school now...



let's just get into da point.

you know,i'm thinking about drawing my original storys out

but i kinda not sure what to do first,

so i'm gonna put the choice on u guys :)

so i'll give you a poll to do it.


wait,oh nonononono.

don't,don't do it first.

i'm gonna put the link below, please make sure you read all of them before you do it.

so...let's get started!


  •  1.comics

rate: **** 4 stars

quality: very high~medium

outcoming speed: high~medium

length: long~medium (one unit/full storyboard)

color: fully colored

content: detailed

goods: more laughs then animation, digging the story will be easier

bads: no BGM, it's not gonna move (duh), so the emotions/feelings might be lesser

  • 2.animations

rate: ** 2 stars

quality: medium~very low

outcoming speed: low~very low

length: medium~low (one ep/full storyline)

color: i'll probably be lazy on that XD

content: some parts might be missing

goods: more serious, more feelings, more people's attentions, and maybe contain more scecrets.

bads: the laughs will be lesser, besides, i'll need more help to complete it Q-Q

extra selections

  • 3.comics, then animations

rate: ***** 5 stars (snow highly recomments!)

outcoming speed: medium

goods: i can plan out the full storyboard first, so the quality of the animations will be higher ^^

and plus, you can know all the stories fully!

bads: highly major spoilers

p.s: houston we've already lifted off u know :)

  • 4.animations, then comics

rate: *** 3 stars

outcoming speed: low

goods: ......

(honestly,i don't think anyone will chose this one,

'cause it sounds...weird enough)

bads: highly major spoilers


so that's it.

and i repeat, please make sure you read all of them before you do it.

oh, thanks to @Ante45 for getting me flash!

you really helped me out 0w0








































































again, please make sure you read all of them before you do it.

you've been warned :)

p.s: muti selections avabaile ^^


last,thank's for every each one of you guys!

plz stay like a champ, you guys rocks \^w^/


Posted by CatOfSnow - September 17th, 2016







pff yay XD