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Snow's News update

Posted by CatOfSnow - July 1st, 2018

Suprise! "CatOfSnow posted a new post" LOL

This is gonna be long guys. ;)

I know it's been a *huge* while. Things are getting out of hands lately.
I'll be back for two weeks before another long period of disconnection starts.
I miss you guys so much Q-Q

sorry to anyone who tried to contact me in the time span-especially @KatolSteele and @asd120999 .
Kato always spammed me on FB to check if I'm ok and my other friend, asd, remembered and wished me happy birthday in 2017.

and I couldn't even get back to all of you guys. I am so sorry.

If some of you might have slightly noticed: I've changed a lot. Myself, my art style, almost everything. A lot of things had happened to me during the time span and, how to state, the old me had died, and I've possibly had another piece of my life figured out.

Ditched fake peoples, got best friends, started new life, possibly most of. Hope you guys don't have the same experience with me ^^

I will try to draw and post as much as possible, I've improved my English and art style to another higher level, and TBH, now I'm trying to learn Blender and Flash so I can achieve my dreams as soon as possible.

I am planning to advance my animation skills once this going-to-be-horrible year ended. I'm sure I will get you guys' support when that happens. You guys are amazing and super talented.

I will be uploading some of the things I drew recently and deleting old posts and arts I cannot stand any longer. They're horrible xD

Thanks to the 101 followers and 72 friends that never left me. I love you guys so much. Thanks for all the support and help. I really missed you guys when I'm gone.

My following days will still be somewhat tough for a little more longer. But I will survive that. And I hope all my friends will also get through anything that is standing in your way of life! :D

Thank you, and stay awesome :3


Comments (3)

Good that life has gotten better, feel free to say hi again anytime, been ages. :D

Thanks for the double mention lol

Well, hope everything okay for the most part. I think your fans will be here waiting. That includes me lol

Glad to see that!
Can't wait to see your great works!!!!