hey, help me out...

2016-11-26 05:59:00 by CatOfSnow

I'm still alive www

help me out guys, answer this for me:

how many of you get a Wacom drawing tablet?

I'm gonna ask this for some reason...


I got tons of important exams recently,

and I've got invited to a big school animation project :3

congrats for me :)))

but that also means I won't be able to come often 0-0

so yeah, despite all these shit I'm gonna keep try it work on my comic and arts

so, stay tuned and remember I'm not lazy or dead (lol)


okay now answer the question.



9/5 of you got one.

*heartbroken sound XDDD*


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2016-11-26 06:04:08

I've got a wacom intuous medium that I use for fuckin everything. They're not cheap, but they last forever without having to do weird shit like tape paper over them.

I mean I've had some of the off brand tablets over the years, and the only ones that haven't malfunctioned in 6 months were this and one I stole from my high school. Which was also a wacom.

CatOfSnow responds:

oh shit you break my heart OwQ


2016-11-26 06:09:34

I don't have one, just a mouse OWEW
Good luck with school and your animation project btw :)

CatOfSnow responds:

tks :)
how you even draw with a mouse www
(oh wait seems like u dun draw :3)


2016-11-26 07:26:58

i dont have one, i just use the "Paper" app on iPad (free app download), it gives a pretty unique look

CatOfSnow responds:

my computer tablet sucks so i'll just my galaxy tab A with the gifted 'sketchbook' program.


2016-11-26 08:43:05

i dont have one i just use mecromedia flash 8

CatOfSnow responds:



2016-11-26 08:54:58

I'm buying a Intuos Comic Small this next tuesday, for 3.000$ ;3

CatOfSnow responds:

you're breaking my heart too nooooooo ;((((


2016-11-26 12:05:36

I do

CatOfSnow responds:

5/8 got a wacom.
Now i wanna die XDD


2016-11-26 12:12:12

I got a Wacom Bamboo used from some guy on reddit. Pretty great so far.

CatOfSnow responds:

Huh thats great 0/0


2016-11-26 12:17:13

I couldn't tell one tablet from another, but the one I got was recommended by a friend who really needs to post more of his great shit on this site. It says "Huion" and I'm sure there's more than one kind, but I couldn't tell you without digging out the box it came in. I even bought Clip Studio Paint, or whatever it's called. Impressive looking, but all the features confuse me, so I typically prefer MS Paint with it. Prior to that, I was using Paint with the mouse and my non-dominant hand, and the crap I made was still... competent, so my current situation is significantly better I'd say (and type), but I still strongly prefer crayons and colored pencils on paper. TightLitan can attest to that, considering the garbage I've shown him. Typing of which, you still own me a reveal of "9-021" from the previous entry. Was it full of notes? cute drawings? porn? notes about cute porn?

Good luck and have fun with that animation project. I'm going to down some more flu medicine and spicy food in hopes of feeling better soon. I guess sleep would help, too, but if I mess with my sleep cycle, I won't be able to wake up on time for work tomorrow. *shrugs*

CatOfSnow responds:

Alright thanks for letting me know that ^^
9-021,just a little sketch about 'SharaX'.
I have some problems on uploading them so sorry about that ;(

Hope you get better soon :3
(and who the hell is a 'TightLitan' XDD)


2016-11-26 12:19:57

i dont have one, AII of my Art is made by mouse ^-^

CatOfSnow responds:



2016-12-02 10:07:10

I don't own one but the school provides them for us.From my experience,the stylus can work quite smoothly if one knew the basics of using it and not apply too much pressure while using it(there's settings for that in the computer).I mostly ended up getting ones with shorter or missing tips.

CatOfSnow responds:



2016-12-05 08:26:03

But the teacher was really kind enough to give us the number of a local tablet supplier.I'm just not sure if they do overseas deliveries though.

CatOfSnow responds:

Wow seems like you have a REALLY nice teacher :p
Tks and nah i don't need it X3


2016-12-06 08:42:23

In fact,all my teachers in my present school are like that(yes,it's hard to imagine).Are you sure you don't need anything?

CatOfSnow responds:

I don't have any money (not a word about these sh*t) and i'm a little too busy for settle these oversea ships sh*t besides i'll always mess it up...
But whatever pm me about that plz 0u0

And yeah, i tried to imagine how's your school like but failed XDD


2016-12-10 13:51:35

It's better if you don't try to imagine it....For me,studying there can be both a dream and nightmare.

CatOfSnow responds:



2016-12-11 08:20:46

The teachers are very patient,so it's a dream and there are no bullies,so it's a good place to study in.
The nightmare begins when there's homework.

CatOfSnow responds:

Oh i see XDD
Nobody likes homewprks huh :)


2016-12-11 09:36:11

Doing homework is like eating vegetables.You hate it but you know it's good for you.

CatOfSnow responds:

Good one XDD


2016-12-12 09:40:12

And people will nag at you if you don't take it.

CatOfSnow responds:

Yeah, like WHY U DUN DO UR HOMEWORK or stuff blahblahblah i have enough.


2016-12-12 13:31:01

I have paper, I'm fckin old fashioned I know.

CatOfSnow responds:

Me too it's ok.


2016-12-16 08:58:52

How's your project?

CatOfSnow responds:

Now finally started to work on the computer drawing shits...


2016-12-16 11:02:39

I hope that isn't really what you're drawing,haha,just kidding.If you think drawing is hard,try doing that in 3D.

CatOfSnow responds:

Trust me,i've tried.
And it only took my two days to give up XDD


2016-12-17 02:37:40

Imagine having that as a school lesson.

CatOfSnow responds:

Oh my god shut up XDD
Are you kidding me XDDDDD


2016-12-20 09:19:07

That's my life,mam!Hmph.

CatOfSnow responds: