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  1.  prepare your best sword or a one-hit-kill hack.
  2.  prepare your Killaura hack. that makes murder faster and easier.
  3.  chose to either prepare a place to murder or kill them at their place.
  4.  target a Legend-ranked person who had valuable items, /god mode and screen recorder.
  5.  TP and go.


and kids, that's how you get reported and banned on a Minecraft server. any questions?


Please be smarter and think more when committing a crime, my friends :)

nothing big, just sad

2017-08-30 09:02:07 by CatOfSnow

*The following things happen in 8/26/17


after taking a class in Taipei, it's about lunchtime in Taiwan, me and my friend went to the Taipei underground market. 

I wandered into one of the shops just to stare at all of the Nintendo switches inside. it's what I do whenever I come to Taipei.

inside I saw an American man standing by the counter, buying most of the splatoon and botw amiibos.

there was another regular Taiwan family with one girl, the girl looks at the man and the amiibos with an envious face like mine.

the man turned over to the girl, showing the amiibos and a big smiley face to the girl, in English he said to the girl, "Splatoon 2 and Breath Of The Wild were awesome".

I kept silent, and I walked away from the shop.

after several minutes, my tears start to flow. my friend gave me a pat on the back (tks Suga), but I just can't hold them back.


I didn't know sometimes being poor could harm so much.


I've recently spent all of my spare money on the computer. I've chosen it. and yeah, I know it's worth it. 

I don't actually need anything right now. I just have to take some time and think about my life.


2017-08-16 01:15:23 by CatOfSnow


Got a really good computer (oh my ovaries this is the best day of mah life)

so... it's been a LONG time huh :/ for some complicated reason I didn't came here these days.

these days I did casually use Facebook, few of you guys find me on it and talked to me with it, that really helps me out a lot cuz I'm often a little down and you guys are always, I mean ALWAYS there to talk (ESPECIALLY @KatolSteele TANKS A LOT FOR ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF ME DUDE :DDD)

*now I think about it... I've already put the link to my facebook down there in my NG profile a long time ago... I still got some confused ppl asking my facebook... XD

now I got my new computer, I'm thinking about ways to starting on my youtube... recently our family had been a little out of cash and I'm gonna help out (not to mention I even bought a new computer) bills to pay, need to survive.

a lot of things happened in these days. roommates changed, new events, now's my summer vacation and I'm not even in Malaysia! thinking if I should explain these... maybe sometime :/

a note for some of you guys. now guys. WHAT THE FUCK. a lot of you guys question my age, and I totally get it. but there's something I don't understand. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU GUYS QUESTION MY GENDER. I thought that It's obvious enough that I'm a FEMALE XDDD maybe it's because my behavior but I've even told you guys before that I'm a "boyish GIRL" *laughing out real loud

also, I found that I'm reaching 100 fans for doing absolutely NOTHING. wow XD thanks to all of you my friends!!! I really loved you all with my whole heart <3

thank you friends, i love you all.

well this is new!

2017-01-26 08:41:17 by CatOfSnow

now as you know I'm going to "work" every single day right now.

yeah, since I got my new Wacom, my art quality caught a HUGE boost!!!

and I've finished so many drawings during my work time (yeah I'm not working cuz I don't fucking feel like it)

so... here it is lol

uploading these bad boys in a while >:)


and BTW going to take a little trip (packing tomorrow friend) in Chinese new year so will probably disappear in next few days.

well, that's it!

enjoy friend :)


quick p.s:

for some settings problem and more reasons, manatale was stopped a little while

sorry about that (but it's still going, don't worry)

not really but...

2017-01-24 09:06:36 by CatOfSnow

yeah so the vacation started but I still literally have to go to the school every day for that stupid animation project ( @asd12099 you know that.)

umm so yeah every day in this fucking vacation I'll go downtown for some events or else I'll be in school and draw to the death.


k so see you later guys i need some sleep.

just a little more!

2017-01-15 08:02:11 by CatOfSnow

hey, guys.

I know I've been disappeared for a quite long time huh?

sorry about that, I have too many things to do in these days.

and sorry if I missed anything when I'm not here XAX


but hey, I'm trying to sneak out here for you guys XDD

and yeah, just wait a little more~~~

'till next week:


yeah, that means I'll have one month to hang out with you guys ((and also more art coming!!! :333

I don't have much time to talk with you guys now, so I'll just wait till next week to explain everything, okay friends? QwQ


thanks a lot for any people that are still waiting for me ;v;


2016-12-30 07:22:01 by CatOfSnow

I got my wacom!!!!

(yeah if you're looking my facebook you'll probably know this earlier)

hey, help me out...

2016-11-26 05:59:00 by CatOfSnow

I'm still alive www

help me out guys, answer this for me:

how many of you get a Wacom drawing tablet?

I'm gonna ask this for some reason...


I got tons of important exams recently,

and I've got invited to a big school animation project :3

congrats for me :)))

but that also means I won't be able to come often 0-0

so yeah, despite all these shit I'm gonna keep try it work on my comic and arts

so, stay tuned and remember I'm not lazy or dead (lol)


okay now answer the question.



9/5 of you got one.

*heartbroken sound XDDD*


2016-10-21 08:30:41 by CatOfSnow





i've get rid of school exams now ((kind of...?)) ,and these time i actually got SOOOOO MANY tranditional arts,

i've even filled 2 drawing books XD

(yeah right i've still got school progects to done but SCREW DIS I DUN FUKING CARE ANY MORE)

so,i was wondering how can i show you these TONS of drawings?


let's play a game,shall we?

how to play

hey,i'll give you a lot pair of numbers,

each number goes page and books,

so read the rules now XD

rules repeat numbers numbers that don't even exists can ask how many times how may numbers you want :)

4.some of them might not alowed cuz some personal resons,

so if your numbers can't show don't EVER F**KING AGURE plz? :)


4.i'll edit the post to get the showed numbers and arts up here.

5.bla bla bla have fun or like somethin' else similar y'know


some of them you get sucks,some of them are great neat or even colored!

so it's only about chances...

and if you're close enough to the colored ones,i'll give you some hints XD

ler's see who's lucky XD*


5-001~5-112 (finished book)

6-001~6-112 (finshed book)

7-001~7-112 (finished book)

8-001~8-100 (finished,but this one is small and lots of them are useless,so make a bet :D)

9-001~9-032 (unfinished,but LOTS of neat things,makes nice bet)


for example:

you commented ' 7-001 '

and i'll give you pitcure like this:


'just a random doodle.'

and i'll introduce this art to you guys :)

sounds fun?

let's go!


manatale comic might be delayed in few weeks,sorry about that :(

and happy halloween XD




occupied numbers: 7-010 7-011 7-013 7-077 7-112 8-001

jackpot: nobody >:)


book 7

7-010 @NekoMika


luck:kinda bad (near)

just a stupid doodle,really XD


7-011 @NekoMika


luck:normal (near)

another stickie doodle XDD


7-013 @NekoMika


luck:normal (god damn near)

just a random stick inspired by ink!sans :3

hey mika you really love doodles don't you XD


7-077 @ninjamuffin99



a neat drawing's...

oppesite? 0w0


7-112 @LuckyLightTitan


luck:great (far)

soooo many me.

so i draw it all out and stack them.


8-001 @demon1000


luck:sucks :P (far enough XD)

just notes pfffft bad luck m8 :P


hey so far there's no jackpot now!

keep up guys >:)


and,gimme some love in my tumblr plz...

i'm so lonely there ;^;

so fun...

2016-09-27 05:44:10 by CatOfSnow

i'm playing with my undertale shimeji now XDD


now there's a lot of sanses and blookies crawing on newgroundsXDD







(no flowey get down from my mouse---------)

it's a great day!