Entry #24

Snow's Guide: how to be a TP-killer in a Minecraft server

2017-09-26 08:07:53 by CatOfSnow

  1.  prepare your best sword or a one-hit-kill hack.
  2.  prepare your Killaura hack. that makes murder faster and easier.
  3.  chose to either prepare a place to murder or kill them at their place.
  4.  target a Legend-ranked person who had valuable items, /god mode and screen recorder.
  5.  TP and go.


and kids, that's how you get reported and banned on a Minecraft server. any questions?


Please be smarter and think more when committing a crime, my friends :)


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2017-09-26 11:13:01

and thats how i lost my premium account

CatOfSnow responds:

r.i.p *pats in the back


2017-11-08 08:14:13