just a little more!

2017-01-15 08:02:11 by CatOfSnow

hey, guys.

I know I've been disappeared for a quite long time huh?

sorry about that, I have too many things to do in these days.

and sorry if I missed anything when I'm not here XAX


but hey, I'm trying to sneak out here for you guys XDD

and yeah, just wait a little more~~~

'till next week:


yeah, that means I'll have one month to hang out with you guys ((and also more art coming!!! :333

I don't have much time to talk with you guys now, so I'll just wait till next week to explain everything, okay friends? QwQ


thanks a lot for any people that are still waiting for me ;v;


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2017-01-15 08:56:44

Still waiting for you to start posting stuff again.
Your art is actually good, though if i may ask, why do you never flag any of your content as something to be included in the art portal? you seem to keep submitting all of your drawings as "Sketches"
Anyways, good luck with life :)

CatOfSnow responds:

I know that but you know...
I'm actually not intrested for getting up to the art portal for some reason ((no not because i'm too lasy to click that >:3
But yeah. I'll probaly try >:3


2017-01-15 10:02:48

Sounds fun and hope life is going well.

CatOfSnow responds:

It's kinda getting better so yeah, thank you ^^


2017-01-15 13:02:05

Hope life is going well for ya. Take all the time you need. lol

CatOfSnow responds:

Lol thanks XD


2017-01-15 13:18:26

Have a nice Vacation!

CatOfSnow responds:

Haha thanks :))


2017-01-15 17:01:13

Have a Fabulous vacation!;)

CatOfSnow responds:

Nope i have jobs to do
But yeah thanks lol