this is gonna be sooooo long XD

2016-09-24 09:53:16 by CatOfSnow


hi i'm back!


i'm buzy with school now...



let's just get into da point.

you know,i'm thinking about drawing my original storys out

but i kinda not sure what to do first,

so i'm gonna put the choice on u guys :)

so i'll give you a poll to do it.


wait,oh nonononono.

don't,don't do it first.

i'm gonna put the link below, please make sure you read all of them before you do it.

so...let's get started!


  •  1.comics

rate: **** 4 stars

quality: very high~medium

outcoming speed: high~medium

length: long~medium (one unit/full storyboard)

color: fully colored

content: detailed

goods: more laughs then animation, digging the story will be easier

bads: no BGM, it's not gonna move (duh), so the emotions/feelings might be lesser

  • 2.animations

rate: ** 2 stars

quality: medium~very low

outcoming speed: low~very low

length: medium~low (one ep/full storyline)

color: i'll probably be lazy on that XD

content: some parts might be missing

goods: more serious, more feelings, more people's attentions, and maybe contain more scecrets.

bads: the laughs will be lesser, besides, i'll need more help to complete it Q-Q

extra selections

  • 3.comics, then animations

rate: ***** 5 stars (snow highly recomments!)

outcoming speed: medium

goods: i can plan out the full storyboard first, so the quality of the animations will be higher ^^

and plus, you can know all the stories fully!

bads: highly major spoilers

p.s: houston we've already lifted off u know :)

  • 4.animations, then comics

rate: *** 3 stars

outcoming speed: low

goods: ......

(honestly,i don't think anyone will chose this one,

'cause it sounds...weird enough)

bads: highly major spoilers


so that's it.

and i repeat, please make sure you read all of them before you do it.

oh, thanks to @Ante45 for getting me flash!

you really helped me out 0w0








































































again, please make sure you read all of them before you do it.

you've been warned :)

p.s: muti selections avabaile ^^

last,thank's for every each one of you guys!

plz stay like a champ, you guys rocks \^w^/



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2016-09-24 12:35:53

thanks for mentioning me :)

CatOfSnow responds:

You welcome ^^


2016-09-24 19:43:05

I'm not sure what to vote for, all i'll say is, do whatever you feel like doing and good luck :)
Also, why isn't "i want to give you a hug" an option? do you have any idea how cute that would be? you probably don't, watch this.

CatOfSnow responds:

Awwwww~~~~! <3<3<3
Sooo cuteeeeee <3<3<3


2016-09-26 09:02:34

@Ante45 gave you Macromedia Flash 8? Hmm, dat's good, but if you want to try a "hard way" - I can give you Adobe Flash Proffesional CS5.5 (There's hard way to give you it) ^w^
So, you're art is nice, so I voted - "Comics,then animation"
P.S - School captured me, I need help. 0^0